About the Hosts

Photo credit: Marisa Sottos Photography

Hey everyone! I’m Diane Aragona: singer, music educator, Walt Disney World enthusiast, crazy cat lady, and newbie Podcaster! I own a small private music school with my husband, who also happens to be the brother of my co-host Jen! I teach voice and piano, and enjoy the chaotic gig-life of a working musician on the side. I am a mom to an amazing little girl who has sparked my interest in the history of all things related to parenting, so when Jen asked me if I wanted to do a podcast I jumped at the chance!

Hi, my name is Jen Tierney! I’m the Mom of 3 awesome tiny humans. By day, I work as a Data Protection Officer. But when night falls, I hang up my technical hat and get to making! I make so many things. My big passions are knitting, baking, and podcasting. This is my second podcast. You can find my first show at htmamcast.com. I love learning about the past and I love chatting with my sister-in-law Diane, so this podcast was an inevitability. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Photo credit: Rebecca Shamblin, Life Remembered